The Corpse Danced At Midnight

Blogging about the “Murder, She Wrote” drinking game brought up a bunch of other links and such that didn’t quite fit into an already monstrously big post. So now, you’re getting a stereotypical link dump. Please to enjoy…

Murder She Wrote Drinking Game 18

Cabot Cove Cottages — Actual summer beach vacation rental cottages. Actually in Maine. Actually named this. Um… I want to go to there. If any sugar daddies out there want to financially support my desire to have a “Murder, She Wrote” marathon in a place called Cabot Cove, there’s a wee PayPal button in the upper right hand corner just waiting to be clicked on.

Murder She Wrote Drinking Game 14

Similarly? The house used for exterior shots of Jessica Fletcher’s home is, in real life, a B&B. I’m not really the bed-and-breakfast type, but I could totally break out of that mold if the opportunity arose to stay here. But The Blair House is located in Mendocino, California… So maybe I’ll have to shelve it for when I take my fantasy trip to San Francisco to take the Alfred Hitchcock tour, attend the San Diego Comic Con, etc. Oh west coast, I would love to see you in person! So long as you promise not to earthquake me.

Fuck Yeah, Murder She Wrote — A LOLcats kind of parody Tumblr photo blog where this week’s Wordless Wednesday post came from. It’s appropriately subtitled “Your Grandma’s Favorite Tumblr.”

Murder She Wrote Look At All The Fucks I Give Tumblr

Murder She Wrote FYMSW How Mainstream Diagnosis Murder

Fuck Yeah, Jessica Fletcher — Another Tumblr photo blog that I mentioned before, this one dedicated to capturing the freeze-frame awkwardness at the end of each “Murder, She Wrote” episode. Created by @shinyinfo, one of my favorite librarians on the Twitters. I can’t recall offhand if @unrealsnow is also a contributor, but at the very least she’s a fellow fan who you should give a little follow love to!

Facebook — You can be J.B. Fletcher’s friend. For realsies. Oh and while you’re there, you should “Like” Angela Lansbury. Because she’s awesome.

TV Tropes & Idioms — My favorite is the theory that because murder follows Mrs. Fletcher wherever she goes, that she must somehow be involved in every one of the crimes! The “I Fry Mine In Butter” blog has a good rumination on the subject.

Murder She Wrote Drinking Game 9

TV Acres — A complete listing of all the novels written by J.B. Fletcher. Including the one used for the title of this blog post. Wikipedia also has an entry for the fictional author.

Murder She Wrote JB Fletcher's Books

GoodReads — An entire “Murder, She Wrote” book series exists out there, ostensibly written by “Jessica Fletcher” and Donald Bain. They read like episodes of the TV series. I read one of them a long time ago and I was not impressed, but maybe I should give it another go. At the very least, if I read one of them, I get the change to legitimately talk about “Murder, She Wrote” on my blog again. *evil laugh*

Murder She Wrote Margaritas & Murder Book by Donald Bain

Cheddar Bay — A well-done short summary of the show, with some great vintage photographs of Angela Lansbury. (But be warned: The show’s theme music plays in the background, and the loudness might startle you…or your boss, if you should be working like a good Saturday Librarian!)

Angela Lansbury Retro Glamour Shot

The Museum Of Broadcast Communications — I can’t explain why they have an entry devoted to “Murder, She Wrote” but it’s a damn fine summary. I found it when I was trying to locate a replica of Mrs. Fletcher’s typewriter through a Google search, because eBay had failed me.

Murder She Wrote Typewriter

AngelaLansbury.Net — The website is defunct now, but it’s a great resource. You can also track her through the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) and the Internet Broadway Database (IBDb). In fact, that’s how I found out that she was starring on Broadway in “Blithe Spirit” and managed to get tickets to see her in person!!! Wicked awesome birthday plans!

Blithe Spirit starring Angela Lansbury Billboard

Blithe Spirit starring Angela Lansbury Crystal Ball Stage Photo

Fanmail.Biz — How to get in touch with Angela Lansbury. Last I checked, a girl got several items autographed by using this information, although the turnaround time was several months.

Feminism, She Wrote — A blog post spreading the message that women rock. And from the “Murder, She Wrote” canon…we have since at least 1989! Really insightful post by Tara, aka @mislabeledblog on Twitter.

Two lovely ladies going under the name Rocky & Balls, have written a song about “Murder, She Wrote”…and it doesn’t suck! Check it out:

The “Murder, She Wrote” font isn’t available in the standard font package on Microsoft Word for PC or for Mac, but a download of the knockoff font, appropriately titled “Lansbury,” is free to the public via the website Famous Fonts…as of this writing, anyway!

Murder She Wrote Drinking Game 13

You can also wear your love of “Murder, She Wrote” on your…chest. Neighborhoodies offers a nice red “Attention Grandmas: I Enjoy Murder She Wrote” tee shirt.

Murder She Wrote Neighborhoodies Attention Grandmas I Enjoy MSW T Shirt

Eight Ball UK offers a model they call “Deadly Lady,” which features a classic J.B. Fletcher drinking game line, “I AM TALKING MURDER!”

Murder She Wrote 8 Ball UK Deadly Lady T Shirt

My personal favorite is the simple lavender model from My Tee Spot, which features the show’s signature logo font and a loving picture of Angela Lansbury in character. It’s perfect to wear while knitting. Or doing other stereotypical old lady things!

Murder She Wrote My Tee Spot Lavender Logo T Shirt

And, finally… For you fans of the “Murder, She Wrote” two-part crossover episodes (*ahem* Thomas Magnum in short-shorts), My Tee Spot also offers two different “Magnum, P.I.” tee shirts — one featuring the stereotypical Hawaiian parrot and the other with one Tom Selleck’s trademark luscious mustache.

My Tee Spot Magnum PI Parrot T Shirt

My Tee Spot Magnum PI The Stache T Shirt

You know what’s a great word? “Mustachioed.” As in, to have a mustache. Or moustache, which is more fun to pronounce. Anyway, that’s all I got or this entry! I hope you all fangirl (or fanboy) out and become my adorable little army of “Murder, She Wrote” zombies. So cuddly. The end!

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  1. linda bates says:

    Biggest fans favorites movies of murder she wrote the corpse danced at midnight
    A novel by JB Fletcher favorites book of you

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