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Murderati — A blog about, well, everything…featuring some really excellent mystery writers, including some of my personal favorites, JT Ellison and Tess Gerritsen (who you may recognize from this summer’s TNT series Rizzoli & Isles, starring Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander).

JT Ellison — Honestly, All The Pretty Girls (#1 in the Taylor Jackson series) is the single best-written debut novel I have ever encountered. Mystery that pulls you in, a romanticism of Nashville that makes you want to hop a plane, and a pace bordering on so fast it leaves you breathless. I have reviewed The Immortals (#5 in the series) for the blog if you want to check it out. Twitter brought her to me. I wish she would Tweet more these days (she’s a funny gal!) but she’s hard at work on book #6, so it’s understandable. Oh, and she interacts with fans like me which, you know, just makes me *swoon*. Her Twitter alter-ego is @thrillerchick.

Dear Story Siren — This post and the links at the end have Q&A on how to be a book blogger. A good one, anyway. (I’m sure I’ve already broken most of them!) She’s on Twitter as: @thestorysiren.

Punk Rock Librarian: The Lisa Chronicles — The one and only @PnkRckLibrarian has collected some tips, tricks, and general musings about what it takes if you want to be a librarian…or an archivist. I worked in the archives, where there’s a silly war over the distinction between the two. I’m holding out until it’s settled via a West Side Story-esque dance fight.

Leigh’s Peas — An excellent compilation of resources for librarians and those considering the schooling and career for it. Leigh is also on Twitter at: @leighspeas.

The Book Lady’s Blog — I developed a girl crush on her after reading her review of my literary super #1 girl crush Sarah Vowell’s The Partly Cloudy Patriot. I apologize for nothing. Brilliant ladies. Simply brilliant. Her Twitter handle is @bookladysblog.

The Boston Bibliophile — In this post, she addresses criticisms and offers an interesting take on NaNoWriMo, aka National Novel Writing Month. It’s been a dream of mine to participate one day…maybe next November? It’s such a hectic month, I wonder why it was chosen. Marie’s slightly truncated Twitter handle is @bostonbibliophl.

Jamie, The Perpetual Page-Turner — For her birthday (Friday October 15th), she’s been giving away books, journals, a personalized mixtape…! She’s a sweetheart and you should all go follow her on Twitter: @pageturnerjamie.

Dead White Guys: An Irreverent Guide To The Classics — In high school, we called them DWEGs as in Dead White European Guys. Why Europe? Because that’s where the history comes from. And just FYI, the shorthand is pronounced like “dweebs” but with a G instead of a B so it’s “dweegs.” This blog makes the DWEGs cool again!

Literary Death Match —I’m not exactly sure what this is, but it has awesome potential written all over it!


OTHER BLOGGERS I LESS-THAN-THREE (I’m hip to the lingo. I tried to link to individual blog posts so you can see right away why I heart them.)

Mighty Lens — Okay. So this Flickr technically isn’t a blog thingymajigger, but my Twitter friend Chris did make the gorgeous pink header on my blog and I want to pimp his services out to you all. He invites you to e-mail him at!

Stickee Notes — Harold made the “Librarians Do It By The Book” avatar that I use both here and on Twitter, and he too deserves a shout-out. His website is not for the faint of heart. The @StickeeNotes Twitter avatar is from South Park and I met him through the Red Eye crowd, so that should tell you something about his comedic and political sensibilities.

POWIP — This spiffy website is made all the more so because my Twitter wife @Falahime writes here sometimes. She is awesome, or I wouldn’t have fake gay married her. (FYI: I’m not a lesbian…Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Oh, and go read her blog Everything I Need To Know, I Learned From Anime.

Oh, That Meredith — Read this one post about her dream to own a pair of blinged-out lab goggles to wear whilst chopping onions. I dare you not to become a fan.

The Bloggess — Her stories of “Nancy W. Kappes, Paralegal” make me laugh out loud, which doesn’t actually happen a whole lot. When I type “haha” it’s usually just with a wry smile. But don’t tell anyone; I don’t want people to think I don’t think they’re funny when I do, I’m just stingy with the for realsies laughter.

No Points For Style — I haven’t blogged publicly (I do have a private friends-only LiveJournal) about my experiences as a cripple, but Adrienne’s description of “screaming into a vacuum” is about as similar an approximation as I know of. Unfortunately for those of us who need Dr. House to be real.

Pretty All True — “Lessons My Bullies Taught Me” made me cry. If you don’t cry, I’m pretty sure you’re a robot from the future sent here to kill Sarah Connor. And I hope someone offs you. Meanie. (Another of hers I love is the hilarious “Naked Butting,” reminds me of my sister’s inability to respect my Mom’s personal bathroom space as a child.)

The Little Big Blog — Carrie Anne is a fellow librarian, blogging about her life. Her sense of style? Simply divine. I love visual media, and her blog’s “Thrifted Home Tour” as well as The Little Big Vintage Etsy Shop is are great places to visit for a spark of inspiration. I have raging girl crush on her right now. You don’t even know!

FYI: Some other personal friends (and people I want to get to know better) include: Niki, who is Twenty-Something And Blogging; Jelly over at In Dire Need; and last but not least, Sarah’s Mountaineer Musings and new mommyhood.

Chris Is Right (On #RedEye) — I disagree with probably 99.9% of what Chris says, and on a personal note I just plain don’t like the guy, but it’s a must-read blog (besides Greg Gutfeld’s blog of course) for fans of the show. I tend to define my political stance by listening to the best possible argument for the opposite; if after I still feel the same way, then that’s my policy. Humor is a must so ‘Red Eye‘ is my go-to conservative show, just as ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart‘ and ‘The Colbert Report‘ are for liberals (like silly old me).


BUSINESSES I SUPPORT (No, they didn’t pay me to say any of this.)

Odyssey Bookshop — I literally grew up reading there, back when they had the second story filled with children’s books. (The remodel has it all in the basement.) I always felt like I was climbing into my own private little treehouse when we stopped there. My Mom has said that she spent more on books for me than she did on my clothes when I was a child and this store is one of the major contributing factors to the accuracy of that statement. If you’re ever in South Hadley, MA, I demand you check them out. Also stop at Atkin’s Farms and get a cider donut. You’ll thank me later.

Yellow Umbrella Books — An indie bookstore located in the lovely seaside town of Chatham on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Very small but they have a lovely selection of autographed books by local writers, more famous writers who stop by on blog tours, as well as those famous for vacationing there. Personally I’ve bought signed editions of Mary Higgins Clark‘s and Cynthia Riggs‘ books there.

Where The Sidewalk Ends — Another of Chatham, Massachusetts’ indie bookstores, named for both the lovely Shel Silverstein poetry anthology and the shop’s physical location at the end of the famous Main Street shopping district’s sidewalk. A larger store that retains the same indie charm, with the most detailed and wonderful specialty section covering every aspect of Cape Cod-ness that you could imagine. No, really. Test the owners’ knowledge on the area….I dare you!

Bas Bleu — Their book catalogs by mail (oh so retro yet oh so awesome…I love getting mail) are truly spectacular, with both staff and reader-submitted reviews. I have never bought a book from them and regretted the purchase. Never ever. I always stumble upon a little gem, and that’s what the digital age has really eliminated from the bookstore experience. Love them.

Chinaberry — Books from baby to young adult! If you have wee ones, their catalog is exquisite. Really the only competitor I’ve seen to Bas Bleu in terms of the extent to which their offerings are detailed and reviewed. Bonus points: They offer nifty educational toys that make me wish I were a kid again.

Etsy Team Librarian — All participating member shops are run by kickass librarians, some whose personal blogs are linked above! Shops carry unique handmade or vintage items, some with particular attention to literary themes. See my 2011 Ides Of March 15% Off Sale blog post for samples of their gorgeous work!

Etsy Team Librarian Logo


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