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Twitter-stalking various librarians, publishers, and book bloggers led me here. Reading was already one of my distractionary tools for holding on to what little sanity I have left, so why not blog about it? Book reviewing is something I can actually sometimes sort of do while stuck in bed all day with my broken back (God bless the creator of wi-fi)! And if I can finagle a way to get paid for it, well, so much the better…HINT HINT.

I’m guessing all my blog readers started out at home on Twitter then got sucked into a Wizard of Oz-style interwebs vortex and landed over here. Before you ask, no, you can’t have your shoes back. Finders keepers.

But if you’ve stumbled upon this page at random, here’s a little background on moi. My name is Mollie Katie, I’m 24 years old but I feel more like 84 on account of being filled with cripply goodness, and I live in Western Massachusetts. I used to work as a student assistant in the Mount Holyoke College Archives & Special Collections (my boss Patty is amazing and basically who I want to be when I finally grow up), but I had to drop out of school due to a back injury. I’ve been a cripple since I was 2 years old, but this is the first time in my life where just gritting my teeth and powering through it until the doctors figured out a cure hasn’t worked. So I’ve lost my tuition money, my savings account has been drained to juuuuuust about zero (I’ve been selling my wares on Amazon and other such places to try to stay afloat financially), and I’m living at home with my crazypants family for the foreseeable future. My sister is a sociopath, my Mom is in denial about our financial situation so living in our house is essentially living in a sinking ship (today we have one “working” shower — the quotes are because Dran-O is vital to keeping it so), and my estranged father is a gold medalist in the Olympics of Douchebaggery. Yay, right?

Other things I like, in no particular order: being an “indoor kid,” my cripple cat Rita (no really…she has asthma and takes medication for it daily), abusing parentheses and ellipses when I write so it mirrors how I speak, my Twitter addiction and making up silly hashtags, the Red Sox to the point where Yankees fandom is a relationship dealbreaker, learning more about the Bruins so I will be less of a bandwagon hockey fan, the TV show Red Eye on at 3am EST on Fox News Channel because I’m a liberal who likes comedic balance to the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert hour (plus it’s a big deal on Twitter with fellow insomniacs), correcting people when they misuse the subjunctive tense, being a Luddite because I find computer talk confusing and hot at the same time (see also: the “phone sex” comedy bit on the TV show “Sports Night”), learning freaky things about the human body and daydreaming about a road trip to Philly specifically for the Mutter Museum, being an unrepentant Sarah Vowell fangirl, the way old books smell of leather and time, being the kind of nosey that’s just short of stalking people, swearing often and loudly, that Wilford Brimley-lookalike “DIABEETUS” LOLcat, the 1985 movie classic “Clue” to the point of knowing all the dialogue for the whole damn thing, and of course simply being awesome. You’re welcome.

(Last Updated: 4/21/2011 aka my birthday!)


8 Responses to About Me

  1. Al says:

    I can see that I probably won’t agree with you on many topics. Who cares? Agreement is over-rated. Actually, that’s not true – we likely agree on many things and only disagree on how best to get there. We agree on RedEye, so neither of us is a …

    I do like how you write. Yeah, I know that’s weird. But some people have a way with sentence structure and composing thoughts into a smooth-flowing work that not only conveys those thoughts, but adds a distinct and pleasant flavour. You have that way so I hope you continue writing your blog, Mollie. I have kids your age so I’ll mostly just shut up and read. It’s now 3:43 AM. Wake up and go to sleep, kid..

  2. Jonathan says:

    Going to ditto Al. Will be following along, can relate just a little to the 83 thing but not like you do. Eh, keep up the good work!

  3. marsh626 says:

    Heya. I have an idea for you on how to make money. Write books! Seriously. You’re a good writer. And since you’re stuck in bed all day, you have plenty of time to write. I bet you could write some pretty good books. And I’m not just trying to blow smoke up your ass to be nice. I don’t know you, but somehow I can just tell that you could possibly become a very successful author. Give it a shot, kiddo. Might as well do something productive rather than just surfing twitter! 🙂

    • Mollie Katie says:

      You’re far too kind! *blushing* My problem is, the more I love a subject the more words fail me. You have to be passionate about something to write fiction, I think. I just don’t have the passion, although I did take a stab at short stories when I was in middle school. I’ve always wanted to write down stories and things for my (hopefully) descendants, because I always regret not writing down my Grandfather’s stories when he was alive. But to publish a book about my life? I’d have to wait 100 years like Mark Twain, just to be sure everyone included would be dead! I’m too honest for a memoir to win me any friends.

  4. Kris Nelson says:

    Wow, that’s a lot for only 23. My life is far more boring by comparison. I shall have to keep tabs on your blog and tweets from now on. I find you highly interesting.

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