Meet Me In The Motor City!

Maker Faire Detroit 2011 Logo 1

Team Librarian Maker Faire

Back in March, I first wrote about the awesomeness that is Etsy’s very own Team Librarian. To refresh your memory: they’re a group of librarians, archivists, and just plain book lovers who are also craft mavens.

So I’m a team member now, even though I don’t make or sell anything…yet. (I’ve been toying with the idea of selling some of my art as well as items from my small vintage and designer purse collection as a way to get spending money…for books. You know me!) FYI: You can join the team too!

This weekend, July 30th and 31st, they’ll be selling their handcrafted wares at the Maker Faire in Detroit at a sweet discount. It’s not too late to buy tickets, denizens of the Motor City! Just click on the image below! A one-day pass is $28, or you can attend both days for $48. (Even cheaper if you are a member of The Henry Ford Museum!) Not too bad, considering the access to so many crafters and the exclusive event-only discounts they’ll be offering to Maker Faire Detroit attendees!

Maker Faire Detroit 2011 Logo 2

Here is the complete list of vendors who will be featured at the official Team Librarian table in Detroit:

But the best part of all this hoopla is that Team Librarian has made sure that you don’t have to go all the way to Michigan to enjoy the sale. I know, aren’t we just the best?! Just type in the promo code “MAKERFAIRE” to enjoy 15% off all Etsy Team Librarian goodies (including sweet vintage items not on display at the main event). Etsy is set up so that you can only check out with one vendor at a time, so please note that you will have to re-enter the code if you choose to buy from multiple TL-affiliated shops.

For further Maker Faire Detroit 2011 details, to be the first to know all future Etsy Team Librarian sale info, and just plain ol’ fashioned fun with the girls, check out all of our sexy links! On Twitter, we are @TeamLibrarian with additional tweets coming at you from our kickass captains @AnneHeathen and @PnkRckLibrarian. You can also “like” us on Facebook, and follow our Tumblr.

In a related story, you’re welcome.

Team Librarian Maker Faire

(Photo Credit: All of the gorgeous Etsy Team Librarian logos seen above are courtesy of the inimitable punk rock librarian Lisa Rabey, whose Etsy shop Excessively Diverting specializes in what she terms “novel accessories.” God, I love a good pun! … Additional kudos to her for making sure I got the abundance of information in this post correct.)

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