JT Ellison’s Kindle Giveaway!

One of my all-time favorite authors, JT Ellison — aka @thrillerchick on the Twitters — is hosting a giveaway that you all should take part in! Go out and buy a copy of her latest book, So Close The Hand Of Death (Taylor Jackson Series #6) then e-mail the receipt to “jtellison@jtellison.com” or send a copy by the regular postal service mail to P.O. Box 218453, Nashville, TN 37221 by March 15th. By entering your proof of purchase, you’ll get a free digital copy of her short story collection Sweet Little Lies — just specify your preference for Kindle, Nook, or PDF format. You’ll also be entered into a drawing to win a Kindle with the winner to be announced on March 16th. So… What are you waiting for? Do it! I promise you won’t regret it.

So Close The Hand Of Death by JT Ellison COVER

Of course, I hope you all lose and I win. But I figure it’s good karma to tell people about the Kindle giveaway contest, and I could use all the good karma I can get.

While I have you here…? Another really cool thing this author does is make soundtracks for her books. I love that. Just shows you how deeply entrenched into building the character she gets. That level of detail and realism is one of the top reasons I’m a JT Ellison fangirl. Oh yeah. Total girlcrush, party of one.

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