Live Long & Prosper, or, Why I Love George Takei

Oh man, I love George Takei.

My Mom is a bit of a Star Trek fan from back in the day, to be honest it’s the only sci-fi she really cares for, so we went to the Springfield Symphony Orchestra a year or 2 ago in the fall to see them do a night of sci-fi music. I wasn’t really familiar with him from Star Trek other than just a general pop culture awareness, but his guest spot on Psych had been hysterical so I was in! He came out for the first half to introduce the show, then he cane back right after the intermission to introduce the Star Trek music. My conductor then sat down with George (I feel so cool calling him George like we’re old chums) and chatted with him about the show and it’s place in history…not only representing lots of minorities as main characters but also it had the first ever inter-racial kiss seen on network TV, which is just fucking cool.

Then they talked about his private life and George told a cute little story about his partner and then he said how he was so happy to be here in Massachusetts because we’d legalized gay marriage. It was just so off the cuff and sweet, he fumbled the words a bit like he’d not rehearsed them (you know, not how some stories about the show he must’ve told so many times in public that he’s got the timing of the jokes down pat) and when the audience gave him a standing ovation, he got teary-eyed and had to ask for a handkerchief. It was… *happy sighs*

The show went on, and they played music from all of the Lord Of The Rings movies for at least a good 20 minutes straight while George read to us from the books. It was just a very entertaining experience…like the best book on tape EVER, only live in your living room because we were in the 3rd row on his entry/exit side of the stage! And George (there I go again, haha) was just such a genuinely nice person that I’ve been a crazed fangirl ever since!

Hence the Twitter stalking… And I complained to some friends that I had followed George Takei and Re-Tweeted him. I had also done the “Mob Marge” event on Facebook for Valentine’s Day and I really hate Facebook so that’s kind of a big deal. (You must see the video of him surprising Marge Wada, a Japanese internment camp survivor, with the real handwritten Valentine’s Day cards! So cute!) But still no automated Direct Message like his other followers had received in the past. Cue massive jealousy! So George sent me this actual for realsies DM to apologize for the technical difficulties, which I am breaking my own rules of secrecy to show you all. If I die tomorrow, know I died happy. It’s been a great day.

George Takei DM

Plus also? I love reading his Tweets in my head with his “classic George Takei” tone of voice in mind. It’s so…pornographic. And the Tweets he responds to are all so naughty! I kind of wish he were a straight man. *wink wink nudge nudge*

EDIT: I just found out all the original Star Trek episodes will be available soon for instant streaming on Netflix. Serendipity, or what?!

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